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Board of Directors

We're accepting applications for new Board members

Join us helping ensure everyone in our communities has the opportunity to achieve their best health. Board members attend one, two-hour meeting per month and choose to serve on at least one committee. Are you interested in or have experience in finance, human resources, community outreach, policy development, quality assurance, government or law? We would love to talk with you! For more information contact CEO Stephanie Einfeld or call 970-871-7625.


  • Larry Jenkins, President
  • Ken Rice, Vice President
  • Maggie Stepan, Secretary
  • Dan Sturges, Treasurer


  • Evelyn Cole

    Term: 02/21-08/24

  • Rebecca Lewis

    Term: 11/20-08/23

  • Kaitlyn Barrett

    Term: 08/21-08/24

  • Erin Wilson

    Term: 11/20-08/23

  • Liliana Hargis

    Term: 11/21-08/24

  • Rosalind Leaming

    Term: 11/21-08/24

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