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Communities that Care

Communities that Care

Communities That Care (CTC) aims to prevent problems in youth before they develop. It is a cooperative, community-driven process that strengthens and supplements existing prevention work to reduce alcohol and substance use, violence, crime and other problematic behaviors. Northwest Colorado Health is implementing this program Moffat county, and previously implemented the program in Routt County. CTC depends on the involvement of community members interested in or already involved in youth health-related work. If you would like to be part of a work group, or would like more information about the program, contact 970-875-4895.

Proven Effective

Researchers have identified protective factors that increase the likelihood of health and success for children. CTC's Social Development Strategy, applied throughout the program framework, is designed to increase these protective factors so youth have opportunities, skills and support to achieve healthy futures.

In a randomized controlled trial of 24 communities, CTC significantly prevented the initiation of problem behaviors in 8th grade youth. CTC youth were: 

  • 33% less likely to start smoking cigarettes
  • 32% less likely to start drinking 
  • 24% less likely to start engaging in delinquency


CTC was developed by the University of Washington. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment adopted CTC in 2016 as a statewide prevention model. Northwest Colorado Health is among many public health agencies that have received CTC grants to reduce the burden of substance abuse in their communities. These grants are funded by marijuana tax dollars. 

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