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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing campaigns are ideal for businesses interested in increasing sales, strengthening brand awareness and enhancing brand loyalty. Cause Marketing allows our corporate partners to demonstrate to their customers and employees that they are dedicated to building a healthy community.

Cause Marketing can include

  • A portable one-step donation collection device that eliminates any need for our partners to have to track donations. 
  • Charitable sales promotions (where you pledge a percentage of sales, proceeds or a predetermined sum to benefit Northwest Colorado Health programs as a result of the sale of your product). 
  • Promoting a challenge or match donation to employees and/or customers.
  • Equipping your employees to directly ask consumers for a donation.
  • Using posters, cards and other materials that communicate the message to give.

We can help you decide which Cause Marketing option works best for your business. We will provide the materials you need to start your campaign. Please contact Suzi Mariano at or 970-871-7631.

Our Cause Marketing Corporate Sponsors

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