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The Angel Fund

Individual Financial Assistance

Northwest Colorado Health is dedicated to ensuring every individual has an opportunity to achieve their best health possible. We believe that good health is not limited to a doctor’s office. Individuals in our communities often have needs beyond what we can provide through our service lines, and those needs affect their ability to live a healthy life. The Angel Fund provides financial assistance to help individuals with health related needs so that they can achieve their best health.

Donate to the Angel Fund and help a friend, family member, or neighbor in need.

Funding Request Guidelines

  • The Angel Fund is designed to provide rapid help for defined medical and healthcare related needs for people residing within Moffat, Routt and Grand County.

  • Only applications with a referring agent such as a partner non-profit or government organization will be accepted. Individuals cannot apply for funds on their own behalf.

  • Requests must NOT have an other identifiable source of funding (e.g. insurance, other assistance programs, or non-profit organization that fills that specific need).

  • Requests should fulfill a one-time need, not recurrent expenses. Individuals can only receive assistance from Individual Assistance Funding once annually unless extenuating circumstances exist.

  • Decisions about fund requests are contingent upon funding criteria and the availability of funds at the time of review. Occasionally we will ask for additional information before making a decision

  • Funds will be disbursed to the service provider directly (e.g. vendor, landlord, etc.) or issue a gift card when appropriate.

  • Funds should be used for upcoming expenses and not outstanding bills when possible.

How to Apply

Funds are intended to be used for the following purposes:

  • Uninsured or underinsured health care (up-front or consultation fee)
  • Transportation or lodging or other travel expenses for out of town health care
  • Durable Medical Devices
  • Medications
  • Items/services that address social determinants of health
  • Additional requests may be approved for basic health needs

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