Create Your Legacy

Ways to Give

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve their best health. 100 years from now, you can still have an impact on health and wellness in Northwest Colorado. Create your legacy by making a planned gift to Northwest Colorado Health. Your commitment to investing in the health of our community will be felt for many generations to come.

  • Will and Trust
    Will and Trust

    Naming Northwest Colorado Health as a beneficiary of your will is one of the easiest ways to ensure that charitable giving is part of your life’s legacy. There are no limits on the amount you can bequeath to a charity or to charities in general. All amounts are transferred free of estate taxes, regardless of the size of your estate.

  • Create an Amendment to Your Existing Will and Trust
    Create an Amendment to Your Existing Will and Trust

    If you already have a will, but decide that you would like to add Northwest Colorado Health you do not need to create a new will. You can simply amend your existing will.

  • IRA or Retirement Plan
    IRA or Retirement Plan

    Designate Northwest Colorado Health as the beneficiary of your retirement funds. Retirement plans are some of the most tax-efficient assets. While retirement plans left to children are subject to income tax and estate tax, retirement plans left to charities are subject to neither.

  • Life Insurance
    Life Insurance

    Designate Northwest Colorado Health as the beneficiary of life insurance proceeds allowing these assets to pass to the beneficiaries outside of your will. There are several ways to use life insurance, and these can often result in increasing your ability to make a much larger gift in support of charitable programs than you originally thought possible.

  • Bank and Investment Accounts
    Bank and Investment Accounts

    Additionally, you can make a charitable gift by naming Northwest Colorado Health as the “payable on death” beneficiary of your bank and investment accounts. At death, the funds pass outside of the deceased’s will to the person named as beneficiary.

Make your plan today

Talk to your financial advisor or estate planning/tax attorney about other creative ways to help support Northwest Colorado Health for years to come!  Northwest Colorado Health will work with you and your advisors to identify the purpose within our agency that most closely meets your wishes.

For more information contact Suzi Mariano at 970-871-7631 or

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