Finding Hope in Healing

We believe that teaching coping skills related to loss, and supporting educators to do the same, will strengthen resiliency in youth. Every day we provide outreach services, support groups and education to youth who are grieving a loss related to life’s adversities such as divorce, family addiction, violence, death, health issue, relocation, because adverse childhood experiences can have negative, lasting effects on health and well-being. It is important to decrease these risks as much as possible by being preventative in empowering youth with coping skills.

Youth Resiliency Programs support kindergarten through college-age youth. Our programs: 

  • Provide age appropriate activities help participants reframe loss so they are better able to navigate the grieving process and reconnect with their confidence going forward.
  • Help kids learn to communicate their grief in a safe and comfortable setting, giving them the opportunity to connect with peers who have experienced similar loss
  • Build self-esteem and self-awareness through creative expression and physical activities.
  • Work with individuals and also facilitate support groups within the schools.
  • Support the schools and the community when there has been the death of a student or child.

For more information about our Youth Resiliency Program, please call 970-871-7628 in Routt County and 970-871-7682 in Moffat County.

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